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Milaiza Kelly

CEO/Founder/Event Director

Milaiza Kelly, known professionally as "The Milaiza K" or "Mimi", a 23 year old music executive from Brooklyn, NY. Originally, she got her start in the music industry working with Armani Martin, the [music video] producer. Milaiza created amazing opportunities for herself such as, working as an assistant at Lyric Management Group, which is known for managing major artists and producers like Toosii, Ant Chamberlain and Speaker Bangerz. A few months later with hard work and dedication she transitioned to the position of A&R/Sr. Manager where she had to be the liaison for producers and artists.  Some of these producers and artists include, Tia Corine, Lil Poppa, Go Grizzly, Bankroll Got IT, Cheeze Beatz, Quay and many more. Milaiza has also worked with ODA Management, where she worked directly under Stacia Mac, the "momager" of Polo G, who also manages major female artist Asian Doll and “Spice. Shortly after being inspired by Stacia Mac and her mostly black female team , Milaiza launched her own management and consulting company where she has consulted for clients such as Hitman Holla, Big Scarr and many upcoming new artists.  Milaiza currently manages a few of the generations most influential people, clients such as Rayymon Beatz who was her inspiration for founding UnBEATable. She is also is a host on the culture driven platforms Producer Grind and Producer Culture. Milaiza Kelly is the future of women in the music industry. Keep an eye out, she’s sure to create history! 


Milaiza Kelly
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